“Makotoya” is a two-story Kyomachiya guesthouse located in the centre of Kyoto-city. We lend the whole house to one group at a time. Staying at our machiya guesthouse just with your family or group,  you can experience how its like to live in the most historical city of Japan, Kyoto.

All the rooms introduced here are separeted private rooms with unique interiors representing Kyoto’s characteristics respectively. Please enjoy your time in Kyoto, while staying in these attractive rooms in Makotoya.




kimono IMG_1393

・Double Bed
・Room Capacity: 2 people

Located on the second floor of Makotoya, KIMONO ROOM is a bright room with a fabric panel made out of a nishijin brocade from 80 years ago and an antique yuzen kimono on the wall. We have prepared a comfortable double bed in this room.




samurai2 samurai

・Double Bed
・Room Capacity: 2 people

Located on the second floor of Makotoya, SAMURAI ROOM is a chic black room with a kabuto (samurai armor) patterned antique kimono. We have prepared a comfortable double bed in this room.

ZEN(禅)Room [1F]





zen IMG_1574

3 pairs of futon and mattress
・Room Capacity: 3 people

ZEN ROOM is WASHITSU(Japanese style of room) which places in the 1st floor of “MAKOTOYA”. You can see the rock garden designed of Dry landscape through the YUKIMI SHOJI which shows old days of Kyoto. It is also nice to sit at the veranda of YUKIMI SHOJI and relax after your bath. You are available to use comfortable and soft 3 pair of mattresses.

Dining and Kitchen [2F]

living3 living2 living IMG_1708 IMG_6960a IMG_7083
  • [Facilities]
  • system Kitchenrefrigeratormicrowave

    microwave oven

    electronic pot

    rice cooker

    coffee machine

    IH cooking heater

    IH correspondence pan and pot


    cultery set (7 sets)

    dishes set (7 sets)

    coffee, tea bags, Japanese tea and sugar

    wall mounted television

The kitchen is in 2nd floor of “MAKOTOYA.” We supply kitchen facilities, table, home appliances, cutlery, dishes and several seasonings as same as normal house. It is very useful for long stay. You can enjoy your breakfast or dinner all together with your family or friends. We have pans and pots as well so you are able to cook as well.


IMG_1551 IMG_1562 rockgarden2 rockgarden IMG_1574

Once you open the SHOJI of ZEN ROOM you will see the beautiful rock garden designed of dry landscape inside the room. Enjoy your time sitting around the garden with a glass of beer.

Entrance and others

ent sterway passage

The spacious and light entrance decorated colorful tapestry of Yuzen welcome guest. Guests can carry their luggage into the guesthouse easily.

Other Facilities




Hair dryer




Shampoo, body soap, conditioner, and face wash





Washing machine and drying machine


Detergent and softener