Kimono Gallery


The interior in “Guesthouse Makotoya” is carefully selected by professionals. They are all antique masterpieces of Kyo-Yuzen kimono and Nishijin brocade. In our guesthouse, we have a Kimono Gallery at the entrance hall on the first floor. During the check in, as one of the free services, guests can wear the Haori jacket (the coat of Kosode kimono) and have photos taken. Also, inside the guesthouse (not outside), guests can wear the kimonos from our Kimono Gallery any time they want. Of course you can take all the photos you want wearing the kimonos in “Guesthouse Makotoya” and sharing with your friends and family members, or even upload to your SNS accounts if you want. If you have friends who also love kimono, you can enjoy wearing them together.

It is also possible to buy those antique kimonos if the guests really like them. Please feel free to ask the staff of our guesthouse. There are several ways to enjoy those antique kimonos. You can wear them, and they will be just as beautiful if you decorate your house with them same as in “Guesthouse Makotoya”. These antique kimonos can only be found in Kyoto. Please enjoy the Kimono Gallery in “Guesthouse Makotoya”.